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Smile design with Dr. Stamas is more than just making aesthetic changes to your teeth and smile. Our treatment philosophy concentrates on changing the entire environment that affects the condition of your teeth and bite. We not only do cosmetic dentistry to make them look terrific, we provide them an environment that keeps them safe and healthy. This complete dental care approach will protect your other teeth from needing further cosmetic dentistry work later on!

We change the whole smile, correcting your bite and how it comes together, putting it in the optimum position where your muscles are happy. Without his concept of total treatment, your teeth can continue to take abuse, become worn and broken again in their present environment – costing you more time and money. 

Because we value our patients’ time and take patient comfort seriously, we offer sedation dentistry at no cost to our smile design clients. Sedation dentistry ensures your comfort and allows for faster treatment, better results and the advantage of treating the entire mouth at one time. 

Smile design is about improving your smile and your life; extraordinary care in an extraordinary facility. Please call us and talk to a team member about setting up a consultation.

Check out our video gallery of smile designs!

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