If you visit our dentists for a crown, bridge or other treatment, such as Invisalign®, it will be important for Dr. Tom A. Stamas and Dr. Paul Stamas to understand how your bite comes together, and how the work we do will impact and be impacted by it. Our office uses Tekscan® technology in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to show you how your bite comes together, where the pressure is coming from in your bite and the overall effect it has on your smile. By using Tekscan, our dentists can effectively place your dental work and ensure that it is protected from damage resulting from repeated impact, helping your smile function well for many years.

Using this technology, our dentists can create a set of dentures, a crown or bridge that is not only unique and custom-made for you but also able to handle the specific pressure and function of your smile. Not only can this technology help our team create a dental restoration, it is also valuable in analyzing problems with your bite and helping our team create solutions for your smile. If you would like to learn more about how Tekscan can improve your oral health, call 262-567-8386 today to plan your visit to our office.