One of the most important innovations in dentistry has been the introduction of the laser. Our dentists can make use lasers to improving the health of your smile by removing diseased gum tissue and in making tooth extractions easier. By using a laser for these treatments, Dr. Tom A. Stamas and Dr. Paul Stamas can reduce your risk of infection and the amount of recovery time you need when your treatment is over. There is less bleeding when a dental laser is used, and patients often find the treatment much more comfortable than traditional methods.

At our office, our dentists use the WaterLase® system in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. WaterLase combines the power of air and water and adds laser technology to improve your smile. As the laser increases the activity in the water molecules in your oral tissues, allowing the laser to do it’s work, while the jet of water cools the are and keeps you comfortable. The WaterLase system is quiet and has a minimal impact, so much so that in many cases, anesthetic may not be required for your visit. If you would like to learn more about the WaterLase system, call 262-567-8386 today to have a member of our team help you plan your appointment.